Spanish Art Takes Residence in Chelsea

Art has a strong tradition in Spain and its great artists are celebrated with vigor. Pablo Picasso, widely considered one of the world’s greatest artistic treasures, hails from Malaga. The Museu Picaso, which opened in Barcelona in 1963, is an example of how Spain views it’s artists with a strong respect and reverence.  But Spain is not the only place to celebrate Spanish art.

New Yorkers have the privilege of seeing three of Spain’s contemporary artists at the Agora Gallery:

Garma - Mujer En Verano

Garma Iriarte is a dynamic artist whose skill is best represented in her combination of traditional and modern elements. She is able to create a tension within her work that makes for unusually interesting pieces.

Andrea - Desire

Andrea Bertoni is known for her sensual, watercolor paintings, which have an active dreaming quality. She captivates the viewer with her bright mixture of color and depth. Bertoni is inspired by nature, emotions and her upbringing in Argentina.

Horacia - Misteriosa Mujer de Rojo

Horacia Leal’s graceful oils combine tradition with an evergreen sense of wonder and romanticism. She paints people in the midst of heightened, emotional moments, often drawing inspiration from works of theater and music, as artists have done for centuries.

The work of these women will be on display at the Agora Gallery: 530 West 25th St, New York City until Feb 4th.

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